November 27th-29th, 2024
Sandomierz, Poland

The main objective of the CMES conference is the development of engineering sciences, numerical and experimental techniques, broaden experience, and good practices by representatives of the scientific community and industry. The conference allows the exchange of knowledge between different research domestic and foreign centers representing various fields of engineering science and technology.

The 9th annual CMES conference will take place on 27th-29th of November 2024 in Sandomierz, Poland.

CMES 2024 selected full papers will be submitted to:

The previous CMES 2016-2023 proceedings and selected full papers are available at:

The organizers of the conference are Department of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Aircraft Propulsion, Department of Machine Engineering Fundamentals and Mechatronics, Department of Materials Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Lublin University of Technology), Department of Computer Science (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Lublin University of Technology), Department of Organisation of Enterprise (Faculty of Management of Lublin University of Technology), Department of Renewable Energy Engineering and Department of Biomass and Waste Conversion in Biofuels (Faculty of Environmental Engineering of Lublin University of Technology), as well as Department of Airframe and Engine (Aeronautics Faculty of Polish Air Force University).

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